The 2015 Project is around the corner…

This year we are hoping to answer requests for 120 stoves in 3 remote villages and to build just one more playground…We’ve also heard of some serious water issues in two of the villages and (as an aside) a few of our members are trying to access reasonably priced water treatment kits. Oh yeah…and some vaccine for the clinic…

Yep! We’re fundraising. But, we wanted to take a minute and recap what we’ve accomplished. And “we” means all of the wonderful people involved with this project, not just the teams that travel to Guatemala.

…Here are the links to videos recaps of some of our work:
2012 Project Video Recap
2013 Project Video Recap
2014 Project Video Recap

The Guatemala Outreach Project

Working to enhance the quality of life for families in rural Guatemala.

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Burning wood indoors to cook raises health risks for billions – Health – CBC News

Air pollution kills 7 million people a year, WHO finds

cook-wood-stoveFor the past five years, the Guatemala Project have been helping villagers in rural Guatemala move away from dangerous open indoor fires. Recently CBC posted an article on the dangers that open fires, used for cooking and heating, posed, especially for the women and children, in these homes.

Sometimes it’s just good to hear we aren’t the only ones who think this just shouldn’t be…
via Burning wood indoors to cook raises health risks for billions – Health – CBC News

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About the Guatemala Outreach Project




The Guatemala Outreach Project, has been working since 2010 to enhance the quality of life for people in remote villages in Guatemala and to provide international volunteering opportunities for individuals in our community.

  • In 2010, we installed a playground, delivered medical supplies, and repaired a school roof in the village of Jose, San Adres Itzapa, Chimaltenango.
  • In 2011, we installed 89 cook stoves in the village of San Jose Cajahualten.
  • In 2012, we installed 128 stoves in the villages of Panimaquin and San José Las Minas, delivered library books to two schools, and built a much needed playground.
  • In 2013 we funded an emergency first-aid clinic in San Jose Cajahualten, install 92 stoves in mountain villages, and installed two playgrounds.
  • In 2014 we continued our support for the Joe Walsh Clinic in San Jose Cajahualten, installed another 100 stoves and three playgrounds.

Each year we strive to do more and each year the extent of the need becomes more obvious. We have to keep doing what we can!

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